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HDS shock absorption and stabilization: The smoothest most stable skis and boards.

Full Flex Riser. Most powerful carve and grip of any skis.

Solid Bamboo Core: Highest  stored  and return energy skis and boards available.

Carbon fiber rocker tail: Effortless in powder, crud and moguls.

Stainless Steel Edges:  Resistant to rust and burrs.

Petex 4500 racing hard bases:  Faster, more durable, needs less waxing.

HDS SKIS have the widest performance range of any skis in the world! Deep powder to ice. 6 to 60 mph. Tree skiing to moguls.

Free demo at many Colorado, Utah, and Lake Tahoe locations.

 HDS Skis are designed for the expert through to aspiring intermediate skiers, regardless of age, sex or weight, in all conditions including powder skiing, crud, moguls and icy hard pack.

HDS Skis, by design, will greatly improve any skier's performance in any conditions, on any terrain. Because HDS Skis are much more efficient, they reduce stresses to the legs and knees, and vastly diminish the risk of ACL injury. The design and technology gives skiers much greater control and endurance than conventional gear. And it shortens the learning curve, allowing skiers to progress to higher technical skis more quickly than usually possible.

The more difficult the conditions or terrain, the more noticeable the performance difference from conventional skis. Ski the Gold tip HDS skis soon.

  Why are HDS Skis so different?

The toe of the binding is placed at the center of the ski, effectively shortening the tails. This allows the deep side cut to control turning like skates. So you already know how to ski them! This is only possible because of the Hydro-Dynamic Stabilization (HDS) device mounted on all   HDS Skis.  The HDS forces the tip of the ski onto the snow even in lumpy conditions. And secondly, this skate-like action is made possible by a unique "Full Flex Riser. This riser allows a skier to quickly and easily bend the ski at any speed to steer or carve the ski in any direction and turn radius. Most intuitive and ergonomic ski control in the industry.
In addition, the full suspension   riser, prevents the  tail from losing grip and skidding on hard snow. The HDS and the HDS Full Flex Riser combine to  create performance much greater than that of much longer skis. The tails do not get caught in the bumps, crud or powder so the skier does not have to lift them   to turn. Like skates.

In powder, the tips rise out of the snow because the skier's center of gravity is closer to the tails, inclining the tips upward. It's like setting the trim on a boat or aircraft, providing much more lift than much longer and fatter conventional powder skis.

The shorter tail of HDS Skis greatly reduces the risk of knee injury. (See the ACL page on this web site.)
The HDS Skis are constructed using a light and strong 100% bamboo core, double layered with cross-linked fiberglass and carbon fiber. These features are expensive but they give the skis unparalleled rebound energy, strength and durability. Other so-called bamboo core skis use only small bamboo stringers paired with other, cheaper and less resilient woods. Using a pure 100% bamboo core is only possible with the HDS stabilizer to counter the material's extremely energetic  properties.
The bamboo core is so strong and resilient that we give a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

We guarantee that HDS Skis will maximize your skiing fun, allow you to stay on-slope for many more hours without tiring, greatly increase your control and safety, advance your abilities to a level you only dreamed of, and open up terrain that you once thought beyond your ability.

For details on HDS Ski's special designs and technology, see our Technology page.