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163 Floskis Testimonials.

"Hey Adrian, the Floskis are AWESOME!!

"The Floskis finally arrived today, a few days late, thanks to FedEx...but it was certainly worth the wait! The delay forced me to rent and ski on the high end Rossignol S80's, which were merely okay. Compared to the new Floskis really wasn't a fair fight! The Floskis took all the speed and G's I could throw at them and then some! And of course, people were asking about them all day long! The Floskis truly are the most AWESOME performance carving skis I've ever used, bar none!" 

"The FloSkis are awesome! As a Vail employee who skis almost every day of the winter, I've tried dozens of different skis in all shapes and sizes.These skis are so unique and they somehow seem to make everyone feel comfortable skiing terrain that they're used to, as well as more challenging runs. The combination of creative engineering ideas make FloSkis a "must" for all skiers to try (or buy!)."

Robin, Vail Safety Patrol

"Marc-Andre and I have been testing FloSkis in Killington. As far as my personal feedback, I really enjoyed trying them. I wasn't too sure about them at the very beginning but they felt actually stable and easy to ride. They're at their best at moderate speed. The FloSkis are very easy to initiate and offer a lot of forgiveness. They definitely reduce any knee torsion possibilities, which is good for injured or older knees!!"

Isabelle Sauvageau, Director of Ski Test, SkiPress World on-line magazine

"My new skis worked just great! They are very quick and fast with superb edge holding. I had no fresh snow yesterday so I am looking forward to trying them in some powder. Thanks for a great pair of skis."

John Sperry (John has since bought two more pair for his family)

"I thought the ski looked rather strange, and as an old, engineering skeptic (and terminal intermediate skier), I decided to take advantage of a demo run primarily to confirm my skepticism. I ended up spending all of my last day at Vail on the 163 FloSkis. I skied till the lifts closed (still feeling fresh), while my normal routine takes me off the slopes by mid-afternoon. I let my friend try the FloSkis when I took a lunch break. She is 65 years old, has two hip replacements and a bad knee that requires that she wear a $1000 knee brace. She is a former ski instructor, and still skis 65 days/year on the latest K2s that she said she loves. Thus she knows a little about skis and skiing and came back so excited about the capability of FloSkis that I thought she might go into orgasm.

"I normally am quite happy to stay on groomed blue runs, and have never been able to turn in powder. I found myself turning easily in powder and negotiating much steeper terrain with confidence that I have never been able to do, either on my own skis or on performance skis rented the past few years produced by a number of name manufacturers.

"The bottom line is that while I had promised myself a number of years ago to always rent the latest equipment and save carting my skis with me, I broke that promise and have purchased a pair of 163 FloSkis. The improvement between FloSkis and the latest parabolic is, in my opinion, a step-wise improvement as great as the difference between parabolic and the old straight cut ski. I rationalized the purchase on safety grounds, since the shorter tail takes a lot of stress off my knees, and should significantly reduce my chance of another knee injury. The real clincher for me, and the real reason I bought them is that these skis get me down the mountain with both confidence and at a fraction of the energy that I had been expending, and I love that feeling!"

Wayne J Sander Jamul, CA

"I would like to write a few lines on the 163 FloSkis : I am a fully certified professional ski Instructor working as a private instructor at Snowmass CO. The 163 FloSkis, I admit, may look different but its performance belies its looks. The ski is easy turning, very forgiving and feels good. The problem with conventional skis is that as speed increases, the performance decreases. This results in loss of edge grip as well as becoming unstable i.e. "flapping". The 163 FloSkis was a revelation. The "Flo" system dampened the flapping whilst providing stability and exceptional edge grip. The limiting factor on performance would, I suggest, be the skier him/herself.

"It just shows that there is more than one way to do things and if we let go of these preconceptions that bind us to "normality" then there is no end to what we can achieve. Thank you Adrian for thinking outside the box and providing a ski a little different with a large performance advantage for the recreational skier."

Neil Hillier

"My name is Bob Lowe, and I ski more than 125 days a year anywhere I can. I live in Crested Butte, Colorado, where we are known for our extreme terrain. The FloSkis are not just a ski that is easier, more fun, and gentle on your knees, they are the slickest thing I've been on in the worst and best powder/packed/crud/variable/slush/wind-blasted/sun-baked shit on earth we've all come to know. With the FloSkis I loved it all!

"The FloSkis have lured me back to the bumps I had given up from knee pain. Nothing hurts after a full day on Floskis. I was on every bump, snow type and terrain known to man at Arapahoe Basin. I realize, of course, that this setup looks pretty strange at first. But Adrian Floreani, the brilliant NASA designer, who puts this all together assured me that these skis didn't need tails if your feet and ice skates don't have them! Think about it. It's natural.

"One of the perks is seeing people's reaction to these weird looking things you've got on in the lift line, and then they see you smoke the place on the way down. FloSkis is the only binding setup I've ever seen which truly applies a small center mount area, thus allowing a natural curved arc of the skis vs. a large flat spot like other bindings. FloSkis have taken it exponentially further with the riser plate, cut tail, the HDS dampening/anti bounce system, and the center of side cut aft mount. "What is your turning radius?, some might ask? Whatever you want it to be, is the correct answer with the FloSkis."

Robert Lowe

"Thanks for letting me try your skis at A-Basin. I felt they were easy to ski on. I am also impressed by the knee saving design. My knees felt better the next day than they usually do after skiing. I was wondering what ski I would go to when my Volant Zips need replacing. I think your ski will be it, and I am considering replacing them before they wear out now that I have tried your ski. Thanks again."

Kevin Duncan