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125cm Testimonials


NOTE: FloSkis has never had a bad review or a dissatisfied customer.

Just a note to tell you how much I love my 125's.  One would think short skis like these would be less stable, but not on your skis.  It's amazing how stable I feel on them, especially at higher speeds. Carving is effortless with no chatter. They are smooth, lively, very responsive and great fun.  I'm 69 years old and feel like some kid on them!  They are easy on my knees, I don't tire as easily on them as other skis, and in general they are great.    

Mickey Gart  (Past owner of the Gart Brothers Sporting Goods Chain ) 

I am a fully certified German Ski Instructor, I taught in Lech/ Austria for about 10 Years, I have been with  Mt. Snow Ski school in Vermont and when Vail opened in the 60's I was one of the top instructors of Vail Ski school. Later I was for many years  Head coach for Ski racing in the German Ski District, Allgäu /Oberschwaben. My wife Elke got the FLO skis 4 seasons ago. Since that time she never used any other skis. She would not go skiing with other skis anymore. My wife is 70 years old – she has osteoporosis and therefore she should never fall. Now she skied this season for over 80 days without a single spill. Slowly and controlled  but everywhere. She is skiing not only the green and the blue runs. With her Flo Skis she was also able to ski the Back Bowls. Some of the most demanding ungroomed runs in Vail are  "Forever" and "Genghis". We skied there whenever the snow was nice or when there was too many people at the groomed runs. No problem on the Flo skis.

The special advantage of the Flo Skis is that these skis have no long tail. This avoids the ski from catching in a turn. The skis move much easier around the turn then usual skis do. At the same time her Flo skis hold well on ice and give her the necessary grip where it is steep. This gives her self confidence and safety. The short tail also provides better floating in deep snow as the ski  moves with the tips up through the snow. It seems to float like a water ski does where the binding is also more back. Even though the skis are pretty short they are stable because of the long tip and the weight of the flo gives the stability of a longer ski which helps also to give the skier more control. As a result of all of this, to use these skis saves energy, so Flo Ski users can ski longer and keep up with others who are stronger skiers. This seems to be a very important point for women, who are often easily worn out so they quit skiing. Because we are convinced that these skis are very helpful, we have given the FLO Skis to all our friends. Even if they hesitated to use them because they are different. After using them, most of them bought a pair and never used their old skis any longer. Didn't the ski industry all these years sell racing skis with the kind of speed, like those Olympic experts use? Then didn't we buy the wrong equipment? The Flo Skis are for safe and easy skiing in any kind of snow. And as I said before –as my wife depends on them, and wants to keep skiing every season without a spill. I have bought several pairs, just to be sure that she and my friends will have the right skis. And compared to all the other costs of skiing as well as too stay healthy and free of injury a pair of Flo Skis is really not expensive.

Otto Wiest,  122 W. Meadow Dr./ Vail, Co.   

My son Jas let me try your amazing skis today and I had so much fun. At first I was a little skeptical. I really don't know much about skis, but I love to ski. I tried the little 125 first and felt like a little kid. I couldn't stop making the tips pop up just for the fun of it. When I got on the 150's, Jas gave me a few tips and taught me some new stuff. They were so easy to learn on them. What was so amazing was how flexible your skis are. And how stable, too. The feel was almost like a snowboard for solid turns. I had a lot of confidence and couldn't believe how well I could ski. I'd love to try them on all kinds of snow and hope you are able to have them available in Washington. Good luck,


Love my new FloSkis! I have showed them to numerous interested ski buddies. Thanks for the ski lesson and fun day.

Rose Sprenger, retired school teacher

Thanks for the lesson and patience! First time I've ever felt confident skiing. Wish it was beginning of season. I am buying a pair.

Susie Von Scoyk, Principle Denver school district.

Thanks for leaving the FloSkis at my shop in Vail. I really had a great time on them, especially in the powder and look forward to skiing on them again next winter. Thanks,

Jeannie, Jeannie Thoren's Women's Ski Center Vial

Thanks so much for the opportunity to try Floskis.  I have told everyone who would listen about these skis and told them how much fun they were.  As a ski instructor, I have been on shorter skis before for training purposes and those short skis were easier to turn on and ski at slower speeds. They were not, however, good for carving at any kind of speed or handling anything but nicely groomed runs.  These 125 Floskis were very much the opposite.  Not only could I bomb away down the runs if I chose but I could also take them in the bumps, crud and soft stuff and all they did was respond.  They are definitely going to be a purchase of mine in the near future.  You will have one more promoter working for you!

Ryan Koenig, Personal Banker, Wells Fargo

The skis were so easy to control that I felt I could ski any run with confidence.  I found myself being able to turn much more easily and able to negotiate moguls with excitement rather than fear. Everything I had been trying to do for years just fell into place.  Thanks to your skis. It was with out a doubt the best ski day, making a perfect memory for the last day of my vacation. 

Ann Hoak

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the FloSkis. Your skis are absolutely wonderful. I can't believe that I skied as well as I did today. After not skiing for ten years and being 56 years young, It was incredible making carved parallel turns down the face of Avanti.  After snowboarding for the last ten years I vowed not to ski again... but you'll definitely see me on the slopes with a pair of Flo Skis that I got. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.  My love for skiing has returned.

Vicki Mahan, Re/Max Masters

My left wrist is still really hurting and has no strength. So I knew that I could not use poles. So I decided to try your short, 125 cm skis. Wow, what a blast!  Those babies are really a joy to ski on. I saw how much better my buddy Bob did on the shitty snow at Ragged Mt using them. Now I know why. All you have to do about initiating a turn is lean forward and just think about it!  Then they turn.  AND afterwards they hold the edge. The snow conditions today were variable from crusty crud to new made snow. The 125's handled all of it splendidly. Twas a good experience.

Richard Floreani, NH

I am loving my skis even more than when I purchased them three seasons ago. Had the best experience ever with them this week.

Chuck Schofield, Mission Viejo, CA

I tried the "125" FLO skis and it completely changed my day.  The only thing opened was the beginner slope.  I was starting to grow tried of that and then tried FloSkis. Your skis quickly returned a smile to my face. I just wanted to thank you again.  I sincerely hope everyone understands the enjoyment that your skis can
bring to them.

Dean Grassie, Las Vegas, NV

I purchased a demo pair of your skis some years ago. First year out and I was doing moguls, trees and even a black diamond. All because of your skis and your design. I couldn't fathom skiing with anything else. This is what I learned on. I would like to purchase another pair.  I wouldn't consider skiing again if I didn't have your skis.
Elizabeth Kondor

I am 54 and have skied since age 5. Now at 54, I stick with easier runs avoiding any falls and injuries. I have quite a lot of good things to say about my newly acquired FloSkis. From the first run   I realized how easy it was to ski on them. Not only was it easy to ski down the steep slopes full of piles of wet, heavy, slushy snow, but was extremely easy to cut through virgin wet heavy snow paths that I always avoided. I also realized that such skis would do a lot of good for my wife. The decision to buy two pair was a very easy one. I was  pleasantly surprised how much easier it was for my wife.  With your skis, I started to take pleasure in avoiding the beaten path  cutting my own tracks. I was having an unbelievably great time. I can't wait for next season to do all those double black diamonds on the rest of that mountain. I feel like in the "ninth cloud" and having the ultimate sense of freedom over the entire mountain. Also, I feel safer. there are significantly less chances of someone (skier or boarder) running into me or me knocking one of them down. Thanks again.
Peter Demeter

So far this year I have four days of powder of my FloSkis. I did skied steep trees   my first day on FloSkis. I'm really enjoying them. It tickles me to flare and slow down like bleeding off airspeed in a plane. 

Larry Friese

Hi from the Andies! We've really enjoyed skiing on the FloSkis. They make skiing much easier, and therefore, we're able to ski more. In fact, Jim was asked to be an instructor at our little ski resort here (Shirley Meadows) and I was asked to be on the ski patrol! Think it's the skis?!? We have some friends  that are interested in trying them. Thank you.

Jim and Lori

Hi, I had the opportunity to speak with an old friend about your product. HIs name is Mark Eggar and he purchased two pairs of your skis at the end of last season. He couldn't praise the versatility and all around "skiablity" enough. His dad who is 74 whom he bought a set for, echoed his feelings. I live in Steamboat Springs and have skied most of my life. At 59 I'm ready for anything that will make it easier for me! From what my friend Mark says your ski could be the answer. They certainly sound like what I need. Is there any way we can get a pair here? Looking forward to hearing from you.

I was able to try out your skis. Really enjoyed the tryout, I expect that we will be ordering a pair in the next couple of weeks. Is there any reason that kids (8-10 years old) could not ski on the flo skis? Many thanks.
Jennifer Morgan

I demoed your skis at Keystone Mountain several days ago and am writing my opinion of them. I have K2 Mod skis that I use. The skis I demoed were very quick to carve. I liked the feeling of weight in the front of the ski and the short tail. They went through the soft snow with little effort on my part. Seems to be a very fun recreational ski and you could carve and take short turns with little effort. Thank you for the opportunity to try them.

We had a very good trip in Whistler. We were very pleased to meet you and had a good time skiing with the FloSkis that we purchased from you. We found that they were very easy to ski with. We appreciated the time you spent with us and we will be recommending yours kis here in Canada.

Janine and Sorel Hertzog

I demoed these skis and had to have them! These skis give me a renewed enjoyment of skiing. I was getting into a "bla" state of mind, not to the point of totally not enjoying skiing any longer, but I was looking for more. I t wasn't for a lack of good equipment, as I was skiing on the latest Salomon X Scream skis which are very good and fun skis but when I skied on the FloSkis it was a a total blast! The ski does everything from carve steep spring snow, powder, hard pack, easy in moguls and trees. What fun! The FloSkis are awesome! I can't thank you enough.
P.S. Needless to say I bought these skis and would recommend them to everyone who wants to have a blast at skiing.

Byron James, Boulder city, Nv