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Serious fun for serious skiers

Just one of many 5 star reviews:

Cynthia: I am so excited about your skis, because they enabled me to do something that I just haven't been able to accomplish. I felt so frustrated this year at Snowmass and was talking to my instructor while on the Gondola about what I was having trouble with when someone said try FloSkis. That night I found your website and you know the rest of the story.

Cindy:   FloSkis. I have been taking lessons for 8 years. I was a fairly solid blue skier, with a strong dislike of moguls. After one day on your skis I enjoyed two black runs and some blue moguls! Somehow the movements and turns just happen more smoothly. I also didn't get the nagging knee and hip pain I often get.

Susie: First time I've ever felt confident skiing.

Ryan:  I’ve been on shorter skis before for training purposes and they were a lot of fun to turn on and ski at slower speeds with.  They were not, however, good for carrying and kind of speed or handling anything but nicely groomed runs.  These Floskis were very much the opposite.  Not only could I bomb away down the runs if I chose but I could also take them in the bumps, crud and soft stuff and all they did was respond.

Vicki:   I'vecrud been having issues in my K2 Free Love skis.  I'm just getting thrown around on them instead of cutting through the crud and loose snow.  Not fun!  But the 125 Flo Skis carry me through anything and everything that I love to ski (including the stuff that used to toss me around if it wasn't freshly groomed).  I feel so solid now on runs that I used to avoid - the skis don't chatter and I'm so much more confident. I have had such good results with the 125's that my skiing has improved a lot - according to friends with whom I ski.  And I consider the investment in these skis the means to avoid an injury - which would obviously be a lot more money - and interrupt my fun.


At 125cm, it's easy to dismiss this model as a mere play-thing, a toy. In fact, it is a powerful, dynamic ski that performs like a competition-grade 160cm mogul machine. It is remarkably stable at high speed, carves like a knife on hard-pack and ice, and is beautifully smooth in the bumps.

Powder? No problem. Conventional thinkers assume that a powder ski has to be big to keep you afloat in the fluff. But set the 125 bindings to “Deep Powder”, and it will easily perform as well, if not better, than a much longer conventional ski.

The 125 is designed for those that would otherwise use a conventional 150cm - 170cm ski but want to experience terrain and conditions that are beyond their current ability both physical or mental. This is a serious skier's ski.

If the 125 doesn't do what we claim, we guarantee your money back.


Full one piece 100% pure bamboo core for unmatched durability, strength, and maximum return energy. You need less energy to ski them.

Length: 125cm

Tip: 130mm

Waist: 90mm

Tail: 112mm

Turn radius: 8m

*   Light weight Tyrolia bindings that easily adjust to any boot, skier weight and ability.
*   Moveable toe "Full Flex Riser" system for effortless control and superior hold.
*   The Flo liquid stabilization system gives the 125cm ski the stability of a 160cm conventional ski.

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If you can ski better than this you might want a longer ski.

Expert on 125 skiing fast in steep bumps and crud

Steep double black crud bumps & big icy moguls.
Shown is a 55 and a 9 year old on 125 cm FloSkis.