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The Flo shock works by the principal of hydro dynamic displacement. It literally absorbs bounce and chatter before it gets to the edges. The result is that the edges grip and hold much more and the entire ski or board keeps in contact with the snow. In racing the ski or board can hold a faster line. In recreational use the skier or rider experiences a smoother ride with much less stress to to knees and legs. The Flo shock does not work by adding weight to the tips.

Skis or Snowboard


Now available for the first time to the general public after years of extensive testing and development.
You will have dramatic increases in stabilization and a noticeably smoother ride with more control without chatter or bounce guaranteed! 

Below video shows how the bb's explode into the oil and the oil, bb's, rubber and air chamber absorbs the shocks, chatter  and vibrations- not the skis or board. Skis and boards stay smooth and in contact with the snow for much more control.

Below video compares effect with and without  TheFlo hydro dynamic stabilization.

How much does it weigh?

Not much. 150 - 300 grams, 8 0z. But it provides over 50 kilos or100 pounds of inertia stability.

Easily applies in minutes to any skis or snowboard.

Skis or Snowboard

*Includes mounting kit and instructions.
Warning please read before purchase:
By design, this product dramatically smoothes out the ride of skis and boards. You may be traveling at a much greater speed than you realize.

Not convinced yet? Read on:
Slow Motion showing stabilization effect  at 65 mph.

Skiing Magazine TV. What everyone is saying about The Flo hydro dynamic stabilization.

 stabilization at speed vs weight


Skis or Snowboard

Not convinced yet? Read on:

On-snow success with TheFlo.
The hydro dynamic stabilizer  "Flo" system has seen success in numerous Europa Cups, World Cups, World Championships. Also including events for speed skiing, US Pro Tour, King of The Mountain Downhill, and the Olympics.
*Aspen speed skier Jeff Hamilton won the overall World Championship Speed Skiing title using the Flo on his skis

*Switzerland's Ursula Bruhin set a world record using the TheFlo in 2001 at the FIS GS Snowboarding World Championships in Italy, coming from a start position of 64th to win. No one has ever won coming from such a high starting position. One can imagine the extremely rutted, bouncy conditions of that course.

*Laurie Graham Flynn, also using TheFlo, beat Phil Maher in a MCI pro series downhill event, winning $150,000 for team Canada.

*Felix Belcheck used TheFlo during the King of the Mountain Downhill series to win $250,000 in prize money.

*Mark Fawcett, champion snowboard racer has taken first place five times between 1996 and 2000, using TheFlo.

More than 10 other World Cup gold medals have been won by numerous athletes using The Flo.

What other skiers and snowboarders say about the hydro dynamic stabilizer.

"We've seen a lot of gimmicks and gadgets in the Waxroom over the years, but nothing has raised more eyebrows than the Flo, a dampening device you attach on the tip of your skis. One World Cup racer is excited about them, Patrick Jerbyn of Sweden is getting FIS approval to use them in World Cups, and did use them in a pair of Europa Cup super G's - which he won handily, one by half a second and the other by a full second."

Ski Racing the WAXROOM, Skiing Magazine Test

"The Flo  mounts directly to a ski's top skin, and the former rocket scientist (seriously) who invented it says it works through a principal of physics called inertial stabilization. I didn't break out the slide rule to test a pair, just slapped them on my skis. And without citing a scientific formula, I can say this: They worked! My skis entered turns more easily, with less chatter, and felt comfortably quiet overall. They will noticeably dampen most skis. Snowboarders used them in the Nagano Olympics."

Michel Miracle, Equipment editor Skiing Magazine,
US Ski Team

"Dear Adrian, we have had good results with Zack Crist racing the Flo He won a Super G in France and made 5.9 FIS points.
We would need more Flos as soon as possible."

Thomas Karlsson, coach, US Ski Team,
Stockholm, Sweden

"Dear Adrian, Patrik [Jarbyn] informed me quite some time ago about your new revolutionary product. As you know he tested it at the Swedish Championships last month, which resulted in an unexpected gold in Giant Slalom besides a gold in Downhill. Please let me know as soon as possible of your interest in continuing to work with Patrick. He is very excited about The flo and is keen to get started."

Claes Elefalk, IMG

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Flo When I first read about your product I was skeptical. Eventually I decided to give them a try and I only wish I had done it sooner! After my first run, I knew I was in for something great. Without any practice, my skis suddenly were behaving much more predictably. No chattering or sliding. My skis stayed on track and hooked up and turned like never before. I won the GS Nationals and I directly attribute it to the flo. Then I put the flo on my super G skis and they helped me to another podium finish. They virtually stopped my skis from chattering. Thanks again. I think they're great!"

Doug Tucker, Masters National GS and Combined Gold Medal & Bronze Medalist Super G and Slalom.

"I can't say enough about the performance of my skis mounted with theflo . It seems like a simple thing, but wow, what a difference!
I have Rossignol bump skis and the flos made them stable like downhill skis. I set my personal land speed record with confidence I've never felt before on any skis. But the most amazing thing is, the skis are even better now in the bumps with the flos. Thanks for giving me a wonderful breakthrough after 20 years of skiing. Best of luck getting this great piece of equipment to the unaware (so far) public.

Betsy Bradley, Vail, Colorado

Skis or Snowboard

You will have dramatic increases in stabilization and a noticeably smoother ride with more control without chatter or bounce guaranteed!