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Three different sizes

Flo Skis come in five sizes; 125, 148, 150, 160 and 163 ,
Remember when hot skiers insisted on 200cm-plus skis? It took a long time for the “experts” to accept that, with new designs, materials and technology incorporated into newer skis, you could get better performance on shorter planks.

Flo Skis is introducing another leap in design and technology resulting in much more for much less. They offer the stability of a long ski with the agility and ease of a shorter ski.

Vibration and bouncing shortens the running surface of a conventional ski, depending on snow consistency, by about a quarter its nominal length.  In other words, if you are on a 180cm ski in choppy conditions, about 45cm is flapping ineffectually above the snow. That means your 180cm skis are effectively only 135cm.
Flo Skis has dispensed with the “flapping” bit. The 163 cm FloSkis has the stability of a conventional 190cm-210cm ski – but with much greater maneuverability, versatility and durability.

The 125cm model works like a competition-grade 160cm mogul ski. You might think that a 125cm  ski is a mere toy, but you will be astonished to find a high-performance ski capable of stable, high speed carving, and beautifully smooth control in the bumps.

Conventional thinkers assume that a powder ski has to be big (with lots of surface area) to keep you afloat in the fluff. But even the shortest FLO Ski binding/riser set to “Deep Powder” will easily perform as well, if not better than  much longer fatter conventional skis because of the trim effect i.e. Greater angle of attack of FloSkis equals more lift. See the table below to work out which ski will suit your desires and ability.

What are you looking for? Just big….? Or better. Much better.

Selecting the right model

The table below is a guide to which ski performs optimally in different conditions.