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"Love the skis. They are not in the same category as other skis. Everything is easier. They combine all the good qualities of long and short skis. They track great at high speeds. No chatter. Turn initiation is very quick. Tracking in the turns is great. The edges hold better and the skis feels more stable than other skis. The full suspension riser makes carving turns and holding the ski on edge much easier. I have found the ski responds best to almost equal weight on both skis. Using both edges improves performance to amazing levels. The dampening of vibration makes this technique possible. Your skis are the future. If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know. At the end of the season let me know if any used FloSkis are available."

Vance Campos

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to your remarkable snow ski. When I first met you skiing and saw your product I must confess that I was highly suspect to your claims of just how great your skis were. However, after skiing on them it has completely changed my enjoyment level and opened up new experiences beyond my expectations. This last season I had lost my excitement and interest in skiing and was only skiing approximately three times a season with my wife and two daughters. My skiing was limited to intermediate slopes, never venturing off machine groomed hills. Now your skis have turned me into a maniac for tree and crud skiing. Friends were so impressed with how well and adventuresome my skiing has become that they in turn purchased twelve sets of skis. Thank you very much. Here's wishing you much success with this fabulous product."

William B. Wager DDS

"We spent three fantastic days on the powder slopes at Crested Butte just before Christmas, with me on my new FloSkis. I reviewed the instructions and the videos at your website carefully. By the end of the three days, I looked pretty much like that railroad toy in your first video, paralleling down the blue and black runs! In fact, the zippy tune that plays in the video was going through my head. Yves said I was skiing faster. I certainly felt more confident and stable on the skis. In addition, I was not stiff and sore after three straight days of skiing as I used to be! Thanks a million for the great skis!"

Carol E. Lyons

"Skied on typical East Coast hard pack and ice for four days . The skis are terrific !! My sons said they had never seen me ski that well and my legs didn't hurt nearly as much as usual. Glad to do a testimonial for your website."
Daniel Stoiz, Attorney N.J.

"I have finally got to ski the 150 Floskis and they are great! Despite the alarming lack of a tail, I felt secure and well-balanced. Particularly in wet slush on my first day and then again in 15cm of fresh dry powder the next .... that's how it is in New Zealand. And they were the subject of endless enquiry and debate .... 'skis with suspension huh?'. Are you able to sell me some 125cm floskis? Just skis and dampeners, no bindings?"

"Headed out to try another new ski by long-time ski design innovator Adrian Floreani. These Floskis turn like a sports car, plough through powder like a truck and are calm on the straightaway. After a few runs, I was handling terrain that I would never have ventured onto before."
Stephen J Harhai, family lawyer

"I felt privileged to be the first ski instructor at Mammoth Mountain to teach private lessons on the FloSkis. Mammoth Mountain Ski School became No 1 nationally because of their devotion to doing whatever it takes to bring the student to their next level successfully, and making it fun so that they eagerly want to return with their friends. The major problem that stops students from reaching their potential is their own fear: I have observed that the FloSkis skis have helped the hesitant student step out into their dreams and "GO FOR IT." With the FloSkis I have seen the personal victory from "A" students to seasoned experts.

"Why do they work? They're short and fat with a deep side cut and the binding is located more toward the rear. This makes them turn when you step on them. The extra width floats throughout powder, plus the binding further back lets them rise like a 185cm fat ski. They are like an all terrain ski. I've found the worse the conditions the better they let you perform, such as bombing down "mashed potato" in a moguled field or a water skiing type feel through the trees in some late afternoon virgin breakable crust. Not something we'd normally leap into on standard skis.

"At ski school, we spend most of our teaching time getting skiers to stay upright and forward, standing over the sweep spot in the middle of the skis. Getting the skis to carve, I find the FloSkis force the skier to do just that. In fact, I have found they helped me improve my own skiing skills. After using the FloSkis, I find my skiing much more aggressive and adventuresome. I personally have felt the FloSkis definitely gave me more confidence in very challenging conditions. Even my supervisor and other instructors noticed my more aggressive and smoother style. Yes, they're a teaching aid, an enhancer, but also a fun ski to open up the entire hill.

"I've taken average intermediate skiers down the steepest chutes, something they clearly would never do without help. They build confidence, and believe me they come back hungry for more. I see the FloSkis as a real benefit to the ever-increasing terminal intermediate group or the retirees and older skiers not prepared to hang up their quest for exercise and challenge. FloSkis are very controllable in bad conditions and the spring crud that deters less aggressive skiers. FloSkis can literally be a vehicle to extend the season right up to the end, benefitting both the skier and the ski hill. As an example, this last season a lady in her 70s insisted on trying them out in virgin wet crud. We carved 'freshies' in the pouring rain through snow that our U.S. Demo Team Supervisor described as nothing less than dangerous. What's good for you is what works for you. So try them. They worked for me!"

Martin Harris, Professional Ski Instructor, Mammoth Mountain Ski School

[To Jack Copeland Director Mammoth Mt Ski School] - Martin Harris from your school had shown me the safety advantages of FloSkis. I had sustained a knee injury while skiing. Therefore the propounded safety of the ski immediately interested me. Also since my skiing ability would be classed by Martin as "terminal intermediate" I was intrigued by the described stability and ease of control of the ski.

"I arranged for a two-hour private lesson on the FloSkis with Martin Harris. I found myself quickly adapting to the skis and I was soon skiing beyond my perceived ability with ease and little fear. I found that attention to proper technique and form was made much easier by the performance and stability of these skis. I want to compliment the Mammoth Mountain Ski School on making these innovative skis available for trial. It would seem to me that every level of skier could quickly and easily improve and sharpen their skills on these skis."

The question is: How can a 150cm ski carve and track like a 195cm ski? The answer: It can't. Unless, perhaps, it's a FloSki. No hype here. I've tried these skis in moguls, on the flats, over knolls, in some crud, at very high speeds, and in a fast GS race course. They are, in a word, remarkable. I don't think of FloSkis as short skis, but as an engineering feat packaged in several shortish sizes; I could list the many patented performance features of FloSkis, but I want to tell you about using FloSkis, and how quickly it all comes together on the snow.

"If you've skated, you may find FloSkis are a dreamy way to ski. If you're a hardcore skier or racer, you may find FloSkis are rather thrilling, particularly when skiing at high speeds or in moguls. If you're frustrated with your skiing progress, you may find FloSkis aid you in experiencing more of the mountain. Skiing on FloSkis is playful and exhilarating. Our time on the mountain was full of laughter and adventure.

"In no time at all, the accomplished skier will find rebounding, jumping, 360s, backward and artistic skiing are all in his or her repertoire. Intermediate skiers will find a new kind of on-snow gliding experience, and beginners will get to see more of the mountain earlier in their skiing. The point is to look at what you want out of an alpine experience, and the options you have in achieving it. I find the FloSkis adventurous and fun, while snowboarding gives me a connected feeling with the mountain. Skiing, on the other hand, remains my dance with the mountain."

(John Yacenda, M.P.H., Ph.D., is the author of two skiing books: High Performance Skiing and Alpine Skiing, Steps to Success. He serves as the technical and alpine director for Alpine Sports, Reno, and is the president of Health Promotion)