Stop More Viruses

PREVENT INHALING CORONA VIRUSES WITH ANY MASK: I am a former NASA environmental test engineer. I mainly design skis for my ski manufacturing business – Floskis. However, now I have a lot of time on my hands and wanted to see if I could research a solution to help first responders and everyone to avoid getting sick.

From my research, I became aware people were mainly getting sick from inhaling the Corona Virus in indoor situations. It is generally not known that the virus is put into the air from infected people’s breath. It then becomes aerosolized into very tinny particles that can stay airborne for hours and pass through most masks in varying amounts. I wanted to find a way that could prevent this from occurring. I found a study  that proved a salt solution when applied to a mask trapped viruses and destroyed them.

I developed a salt spray with special ingredients that would penetrate the fibers of any mask, creating a unified protective  layer that traps and destroys the corona virus. Any viruses that may pass the through the nask have been found to be deactivated.