Mask Sanitizer - 3.4 oz spray

Mask sanitizer adds another layer of filtration to any mask or face covering. This layer further filters smaller viruses that might pass through any mask, including the best N95 medical masks. Viruses are then destroyed by the coating. The filtration protection last for extended periods. Sanitizes any surface with non alcohol ,non flammable, all natural ingredients. Protection lasts for hours on hands and days on masks.

Easy on your skin - hard on viruses.  Protect your mask that protects you.

Stop More Viruses sanitizer spray is an all-natural, non-toxic spray that disinfects your hands and all surfaces, especially your mask. And unlike alcohol based sanitizers, No More Virus spray will continue to work even after it drys. It greatly increases the safety of all masks by trapping and destroying small virus particles that pass through other masks. Unlike most masks that only protect others around you, with this solution applied to your mask, it scrubs and filters out the tinny virus particles and prevents them from being inhaled that other masks alone can not.

It is a proprietary blend of an an all-natural, sodium and chloride solution with an added surfactant of fatty acids, folic acid, minerals, organic alcohol, and enzymes. This solution also sterilizes your mask for reuse. It can be applied to your hands and all surfaces to disinfect them. Kills viruses long after it drys.

Note: It is not a surface cleaner. It leaves a virus killing film when it drys that will rinse off easily with plain water.

Why you need to apply Stop More Viruses spray on you mask:
The coronavirus is mostly transmitted by air from the moist breath of infected people. It becomes an aerosol when these coronavirus-laden droplets lose water and form dust like micro small nuclei. They then float long-distances and can stay airborne for hours and can travel through building ventilation systems. (JAMA Network study) When these very small aerosols of coronavirus particles are inhaled they go much deeper into the lungs and cause the most severe infection. Stop More Viruses spray was formulated by a former NASA environment scientist to trap and destroy the corona viruses before they have a chance to enter your lungs.

Research by the University of Edinburgh 1/31/19 found that sodium chloride  inhibited all types of viruses and that it was directly attributed  the to disinfecting properties of chloride.  It was further researched by Scientific Reports 1/4/19.  That study showed that the sodium chloride dissolves by the virus aerosols and recrystallizes during drying, destroying them.  In addition it showed remarkably higher filtration efficiency than a conventional mask.  Mice exposed to a virus dose penetrated through a standard  bare mask died 10 days after infection. In contrast, mice groups exposed to viruses derived from  sodium chloride coated filters resulted in 100% survival rate and significantly lower levels of lung viral.  All viruses also showed   adhesion to the sodium chloride coated filters. That resulted in complete protection of mice against lethal virus aerosols. The stability of the  coating is not compromised by high temperature and humidity, which suggests safe use and long-term storage/reuse. 

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