Mask Filtration Enhancer/Disinfectant & Hand Sanitizer Spray - Free Shipping - Free formula.

Mask Filtration Enhancer/Disinfectant & Hand Sanitizer Spray - 3.4 oz

Stop inhaling deadly Coronaviruses and save your health and your  life. This spray is formulated to deeply penetrate the fibers of any mask. It has a special sprayer head that produces an even fine mist. This creates a very thin layer that is easy to breath through. It filters and traps the smallest of aerosolized viruses. The viruses that may get through, by research, have been found to be  destroyed by this layer and  thus become noninfectious.  Proven by scientific studies. (see below link)

This filtration layer last for extended periods. It also sanitizes your mask, hands and any surface with non alcohol, non flammable, all natural ingredients that lasts for hours

Research by the University of Edinburgh 1/31/19  and Scientific reports: 

Also see our washable 5 layer replacement filter masks. Now available with removable face shields.

Each purchase includes a FREE nose wire that will adhere to your mask for a better seal and increase safety.

 For the free formula, please send request to my email :

Stay healthy! Note: We suggest you buy at least one bottle for the fine mister that's included. That is needed to apply an even coating.  It can be refilled at home with common ingredients.


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