92 year old's FloSkis Story

92 year old's FloSkis Story

May 28, 2019

The following is Frank's story:FloSkis Testimonial, Frank

At 92 and not having skied for 10 years, most of my gear—skis, boots, bindings—were way out of date, as was I. But, on impulse, I decided to go to Mammoth and see if skiing might still be an option for the old guy. 

"Floskis came out of left field and changed my whole ski world! Totally by surprise! And totally for the miraculously better."

Before I saw FloSkis, I knew I should start with the new stuff—new skis, boots and bindings—for me that meant demo rentals to try everything out. Folks in Mammoth rentals offered me suggestions and I said OK, fit me with whatever you like and I’ll try several.  I quickly realized  I had to start from scratch, even learn again how to get off the lift. I used to be a  good skier.

After a while, I found myself barely negotiating intermediate blue and easier green runs, having to take breaks often to regain my energy. I was really undecided about skiing when I noticed these strange looking golden skis which I’d never seen before but were very eye-catching, beautiful and interesting looking skis. Fortunately, Adrian, who was skiing on them  noticed my curiosity and recognized me and said “Frank, you seem interested, how would you like to try them?"

So yeah, that’s what I was here for. Try out skis. You bet, Adrian, let’s do it!

Immediately I realized even before I finished my first run on Floskis I was already surprised, amazed, delighted, almost unbelieving that I could suddenly be skiing on the best skis I’d ever known in my life!!! Such ease in turning, so much easier than my rental demos which already had plenty of curvature in their configuration. These skis even seemed to love the crud off on the sides of the groomed run or the earlier-groomed but now messed and torn up by boarders and lots of skiers, all that bad stuff which had forever intimidated me but now so friendly. Hmmm. YES!!!

At the end of day on Floskis I told Adrian—who I’d meanwhile learned was a retired NASA engineer, Apollo and such, who upon retirement worked as a Vail ski instructor when he conceived and designed FloSkis and now these sleek golden marvels were his baby—I told him I’d buy a pair. Whew! Decision, and none of the demos I’d been trying made the cut once Floskis surfaced from out of nowhere.

I now found myself feeling reasonably capable again to explore some black runs and continue improving my skills for next season’s slopes anywhere. And yes I could ski many runs before I needed a rest break.

You can check out all the technical innovation whys and wherefores by perusing Adrian’s website: FloSkis.com. These high tech skis, by design requires a fraction of the energy while providing improved performance and safety in all conditions from that of traditional skis.

Yep, this 92 year old is back and skiing is definitely an option for the old guy skiing on FloSkis. They were remarkably superior to provide easier skiing in any snow condition than any skis I’ve ever known.

By Frank W. Pierson - July 4, 2017

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