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Experience technology that will take you to unimaginable levels of skiing (free) - like the 80 year old inventor skiing like he's 30!

Meet Adrian, the inventor of FloSkis - retired Nasa Test Engineer and Certified Vail Ski Instructor.

WHERE: Chair 2 Parking lot - find the 33 ft SeaBreeze motorhome.

WHEN: All day, through July 4 weekend.

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Solid bamboo core

Strength and unparalleled rebound energy of solid bamboo core provides effortless carving with the highest strength to weight ratio of any ski ever made.  This allows for maximum efficiency and effortless carving.

Flo Shocks System

Glide effortlessly with revolutionary stabilizer that absorbs shock, vibration and chatter.  Edges stay on the snow through bumps, chop and icy hard pack.  Apply FloShocks on any ski or board.

Patented Full Flex Riser

Vertical lift of bindings gives greater leverage on ski edges.  Additionally, the angled cut of the riser allows the ski to flex to ensure continuous edge control from tips to tail. This allows the skier to easily bend the ski to their desired turn radius much like the rocker of a figure skate or the trucks of a roller skate.

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Company Story


Adrian Floreani, a former NASA aerospace engineer who grew up skiing the Colorado Rockies, developed the patented FloSkis technology.  Adrian discovered, while working at NASA, that a liquid medium developed to reduce rocket engine vibrations and launch rockets into outer space could also be used to advance the sport of skiing.  The patented FloSkis dampening system allows anyone to ski at a higher more advanced level.  If your just a weekend warrior and thought moguls and powder were not in the cards, think again.  FloSkis will have you riding the bumps and carving powder just like you dreamed. 

FloSkis is built on the combination of the revolutionary FloShocks stabilizer system, 100% bamboo core and patented Full Flex Riser.  This NASA engineer developed a way for skiers and riders to quickly get what they all want: the ability to ride faster, carve turns harder with more control and minimal effort and ski smoothly through the most challenging of conditions.  Adrian wanted everyone to feel like they were cruising groomers on the choppiest of mashed potato snow, to fly down the mountain twice as fast as they ever had, and to glide and navigate more effortlessly.  Adrian created this all with one advanced ski.  Throughout the course of 20 years, thousands of ski days and many prototypes later, FloSkis was born.


The top priority while designing the world’s most advanced skis was and is skier safety.  One of the key features of FloSkis is the integrated FloShocks technology.  FloSkis increases skier safety by giving the user absolute and complete stabilized control while simultaneously allowing the skier to ski effortlessly in any conditions: from solid ice to knee deep powder.  No driver wants to drive a car without shocks, and now no skier will either!  FloSkis revolutionized skis by integrating a multifaceted technological system, creating the biggest change in the ski industry since straight skis were turned into shaped skis.  The future of skis is FloSkis technology: the future is now.