FloSkis has developed an innovative product that will make anyone ski at a higher level. Adrian Floreani, a former NASA aerospace engineer who grew up skiing the Colorado Rockies, developed the product’s technology. To reduce rocket engine vibrations, it was found that a liquid medium was the most effective. This same technology that was used to launch space rockets is carried over by FloSkis to advance the sport of skiing and snowboarding. This product will make anyone ski at a higher level, whether you are World Cup alpine racer or someone out for their very first downhill run.


Our top priority while designing the world’s most advanced skis was skier safety. One of the key features of FloSkis is the integrated FloShocks system. FloSkis increases skier safety by giving more stabilized control and absorbing irregularities in the snow. No driver would want to drive a car without shocks, and now no skier should either! FloSkis have revolutionized skis as we know them by integrating a multifaceted technological system.