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Add On for any Skis or Boards

Liquid FloShocks provide vibration absorption and stabilization. This results in the smoothest and most stable performance. Skiing and boarding is much easier and safer from knee injuries by allowing much shorter ski lengths while not compromising performance.

FloSkis integrates the FloShocks system, but the shocks can also be sold separately and be applied to any ski or snowboard. Performance is most significantly noticed when the shocks are working to absorb irregularities in the snow, i.e. bumps, chop and icy hard pack.

The FloShock works by the principal of hydro dynamic displacement. It literally absorbs bounce and chatter before it gets to the edges. The result is that the edges grip and hold much more and the entire ski or board keeps in contact with the snow. In racing the ski or board can hold a faster line. In recreational use the skier or rider experiences a smoother ride with much less stress to knees and legs.

Instructions included on how to apply FloShocks to your skis or board.