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  • Description
  • The 163 Big Boy All Mountain snowboard is a true game-changer for all mountain riders. With its innovative design and high-quality construction, this board is sure to elevate your riding experience. Firstly, the 163 size is perfect for those looking for a slightly longer board that can handle all types of terrain. The added length provides stability and control, making it easier to handle steep and challenging runs. But what sets the Big Boy apart is its twin shape and hybrid camber profile. This combination allows for easy maneuverability and a playful feel, while still providing the stability and edge hold you need for carving and riding at high speeds. It also has a medium flex, making it versatile for all riding styles. The Big Boy also features a durable sintered base, making it fast and responsive on all types of snow. And with its full wood core and carbon stringers, this board has the perfect balance of pop, power, and responsiveness. Whether you're hitting the park, carving up the groomers, or exploring off-piste, the 163 Big Boy All Mountain snowboard has got you covered. So why not take your all mountain riding to the next level with this amazing board?
  • Specifications
  • Mid Fat All Mountain Carving
    100% solid bamboo core for unmatched strength, durability and rebound energy.  Modified front and rear skier controlled rocker for incredible flotation in deep powder and yet provides the most power for carving and hold on hard pack.  This is the smoothest, fastest, most stable ski you will ever ski, no matter the snow conditions.   Ski bindings included.  FloShocks System and mounting is optional based on how aggressive of a skier you are.  It is recommended for skiers who like steeps and speed.

  • Performance is guaranteed... if you don't agree that this is the best all-round ski for carving at speed, in powder and on moguls, hard pack, and crud - you get your money back.

  • Length: 163cm
    Tip: 130mm
    Waist: 90mm
    Tail: 112mm