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Comes as a complete set - the most convenient push button bluetooth wrist controller and over-the-ear Lenovo earbuds.  

The push button wrist controller is great when you need quick, hands-free control to answer a phone call, adjust the volume of your earbuds, or to fast-forward through your podcast or song.  You will never have to reach for your phone when you are skiing or pursuing other adventures.  The wrist controller provides instant response time with the quick press of a physical, easy access button.  

Use on any bluetooth capable cell phone.  Push buttons can quickly access Siri or Google assistant. You can do anything with your phone put away.

Easy replacement button battery that lasts for many weeks.  Will control any bluetooth audio device: car radio, ear buds, headphones, hearing aids, speakers and more. Can work with gloves on and from any clothing all by easy feel. Never have to reach for your tiny bluetooth controls that are difficult and slow to reach.

Genuine leather bracelet.  Earbuds fit under your helmet and will stay in place with the over the ear design.